In line with me redesiging the blog, I decided to revamp an old tool, namely, the Nginx Server Block Generator, to suit the new site.

The old page was fairly ugly, so it was a welcome change to refresh the design, using the same minimal feel as the blog.

The header and footer were copied over from the blog, along with FlowType.JS for the typography, the Bootstrap grid system for the footer, and the Prime Box cookie bar to not get sent to EU jail.

Now, the subdomain points to a new landing page, which makes more sense as it provides the capacity for more tools to be added later, when I come up with them.

As with the old script, everything is available on GitHub in the Nginx Server Block Generator repo, under the MIT License.

The tools site uses the same scripts as on the Blog. It does not, however, use Jekyll to build the site, since the repos containing the site and the Nginx Server Block Genrator are seperate, so it cannot be considered a page by Jekyll.

As ever, if you feel the need to improve/fix anything on the site, please create a fork and make a pull request.