I don’t know about you, but I find it very tiresome to have to type out the entire config, or copy and paste a template to edit, so I found some spare time and made a Javascript-based generator. Thanks to this, I no longer have to debug the entire config file when Nginx fails to start.

Use here!

So, what does it do?

Currently, the script allows you to:

  • Set port to listen on
  • Set server_name
  • Set root directory
  • Set index file
  • Enable php-fpm and change socket
  • Enable SSL and set certificate and key locations
  • Block image leeching (or hotlinking)
  • Allow Wordpress pretty permalinks

Essentially everything I use, and probably most of what you do too.


  • Make the thing look pretty - at the mo it’s a bit ‘90sish
  • Add more advanced options. Dunno what these might be.
  • Anything else that I decide to use and can’t be bothered to type.

Known Issues

The code is messy, and the webpage is ugly, but hey-ho, it works fine. If you do find problems, please put them here on GitHub.


Feel free to add code and fix my messiness, and then make a pull request. Big shoutout to jartaud for doing just so.

Use here!