url-gallery is an easy shortcode plugin for making Wordpress galleries using their images (rather than using their ids as normal).

The project is hosted on GitHub, and is, as usual, open to contribution.


For now, it is best to clone the GitHub repository into your wp-admin/plugins directory. Links for cloning are as follows:

[email protected]:ajsalkeld/url-gallery.git       # SSH power users
https://github.com/ajsalkeld/url-gallery.git   # HTTPS 

If you aren’t up for that, just download the latest release’s source code in a zip, and put the folder in wp-admin/plugins, or upload as a zip to your wordpress site in Add New under plugins. Upload url-gallery

I’m working on getting it listed in the Wordpress plugin directory.


url-gallery works as a shortcode in a post.

Standard usage:

[url-gallery imgs="https://example.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/P1029350.jpg, https://example.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/P1029351.jpg, etc..."]

It may be better to remove the first part of the URL, especially if you have changed domain or the path to your WP site recently:

[url-gallery imgs="/2017/08/P1029350.jpg, /2017/08/P1029351.jpg, etc..."]

If all your images have unique file names (e.g. they may be generated by a camera with their date), you may then use:

[url-gallery imgs="P1029350, P1029351, etc..."]

The script simply looks for a likeness in the guid (global unique identifier), which Wordpress sets to its upload URL, and takes that image’s id and plugs it into the standard [gallery] shortcode. Thus provided your input only matches one image’s guid, everything is ok.


Please raise issues through the standard GitHub issues page of the url-gallery repository.

Alternatively DM me on Twitter (I’m @AJSalkeld), email me, or shout really loudly.